Thursday, November 21, 2019

Need a marketing plan outline- daycare owner and operating business Essay

Need a marketing plan outline- daycare owner and operating business - Essay Example o one of their major undoing is the fact that it targets even the low earning or poor consumers by producing as low as one hundred and fifty liters which cost very little. The products have been moving at a faster rate and consumers really like it. The Softer Company has a very wide target market as it satisfies the needs for various consumers that range from those that are healthy diet conscious or concerned through Died Softer to the average individual via its best selling drink called Peck. Most products of the Softer Company satisfy all the age groups since it is proven that several individuals of different age groups actually consume the Softer product. Softer has a long standing commitment to the protection of the consumers whose confidence and trust in its products is the basis and backbone of its success. For the purposes of ensuring that consumers are updated on the global quality of all the products of Softer that are sold, the products have a seal of quality assurance. Softer consumers are purchasing a wide range or variety of soft drinks. They buy one product line or another due to the high quality and standards of products produced by the company. The company also provides complaint phone service and help line for clients who are not contended with the product or even would like to give feedback or comment on the products. This is the process of the creation of the image that is held by the product in the customers’ mind, relative to the competing products. Both Softer and Afia make soft drinks; however, even though Afia might attempt to compete, we find that they will still be considered as lower market from Softer. Positioning assists clients in understanding what is unique or exceptional about the products in comparison with the competition (Kerin & Peterson, 2007). The company uses the Individual brand strategy in marketing since its major products have their own brand names. The products operate under the same brand name of Softer, although

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