Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Working with violence and harm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Working with violence and harm - Essay Example aves, brain washed and thereafter used to perpetuate acts of terrorism or used in drug trafficking among other social ills in the society while their masters draw all the financial benefits. Ironically, human trafficking is rife in the developed countries. Human beings are the most valued of all living things, they have dignity and value for their lives. Human trafficking devalues human dignity by making people look like other products in shops and stores all over the country. The trade is therefore inhumane since it makes some people look subordinate to others a fact that results in open conflicts of interests. Humans sell their labor willingly through the acquisition of formally recognized employments. Additionally, humans have the freedom of choice, which is the most important of all human freedoms, rights and privileges. This makes people live happy and satisfying lives, human trafficking on the contrary breaks all the societal harmony by taking turning humans into modern day slaves to be used by others as though products for financial gains. This is arguably the worst effect of human trafficking; it denies people their conscience and freedom by putting them under the ownership of others with equal features and abilities (HART, 20 09). Most of the victims of human trafficking are often from poor families most probably in the developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Latin America. This makes it easier for the perpetrators of such atrocious acts to convince their victims with fake promises of better jobs and better lifestyles in the Europe or in the United States of America (UNITED NATIONS HUMAN SETTLEMENTS PROGRAMME, 2007). Once in these countries, the victims are compelled into the illegal and life threatening activities. Some of the victims die in the process owing to the amount of risks involved in the activities that such people engage in. drug traffickers have often used corpses in transporting large consignments of drugs into foreign countries. This

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