Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Lost Television Series Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Lost Television Series - Essay Example The pilot excels in the introduction of characters, addressing the genre of the show, which is mysterious to the audience, and in using exciting storyline and great visual effects in making the viewers amazed (Roberts 41). The Lost writers made no fault in naming the first episode of Lost as the pilot. The naming was not through accident. As illustrated in the show, the naming was not done for the sake of doing it. It was named purposefully. This can be illustrated by the fact that as one goes through the show, he or she will discover that every little information that the writers give to lost fans has a particular meaning connected to the storyline earlier or later on in the Lost’s mysterious plot. In this case, it is wise getting the meaning of name the Pilot. The episode is about the search for the cockpit of the oceanic 815 airliners. The pilot of the airliner is in the cockpit. Therefore, the Lost writers chose the name the Pilot intentionally to create a play on words since the pilot was in the cockpit, which was being searched. This name choice was a subtle hint given to the audience by the writers. In other words, they were revealing to the audience the sign of what to expect. It should be, however, noted that nothing has been put straightforward in the Lost show (Douglas 27). The introduction of the main character in the Pilot has been done quite nicely in the first season of the show. Consequently, it is Matthew Fox, Doctor Jack Shephard who has been introduced as the first character in the show’s first scene. A golden lab sprinting through the jungle awakes him. On waking up Jack there is a very exciting overhead shot of his eyes. Among most of the characters found throughout the season, we find many shots. The shots are meant to perhaps bring a reflection of the notion the eyes constitute the windows for accessing the soul.  Ã‚  

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