Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Vegetarians Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Vegetarians - Essay Example Many humans follow omnivorous diet taking dramatic nutritional advantage flexibility that is not there to other omnivorous species. However, the flexibility has risks like failing to consume significant nutrients or harmful microbes or ingesting toxins an issue that gets known as "the omnivore dilemma". In contrast with animals, who instinctively are sure on what food to eat and what to avoid, human beings should learn these differences, relying heavily on the transmitted cultural information. Hence, the cultural information kinds that guide food selections are not well comprehended. Across the two studies in the article, they have given evidence on the psychological vegetarian's underpinnings are marked distinction in Indian cultural and Euro-American contexts. The Euro-American vegetarians seem to have more consideration of the daily food choices impact on the animal and environmental welfare (Ruby et al. 342). The consideration is more endorsed on universalistic values of equality , social justice, and peace than did their counterparts of omnivorous and less endorsed to authority ethic. On the contrary, the Indian vegetarians do not differ from their counterparts of omnivorous in reported environment concern, universalism, or animal welfare, though are more religious. They strongly believe that eating meat pollutes an individual personality and spirit and more endorsed on Purity Ethics, Authority, and In-group. Hence, different communities have different opinions and beliefs on vegetarian choices.

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