Sunday, October 16, 2016

Symbolism in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

A symbol is a gibeation of something else, often propagation a material endeavor signifying something abstract. Laurie Halse Andersons young-adult impertinent cover is packed with symbolism. Trees be star of the most prevalent symbols in the novel, appearing in most forevery chapter of the book. Trees represent breeding and growth for the main champion in the story Melinda, and are emblematic of her journey through her mental recovery afterward existence raped. The authors reoccurring enjoyment of the tree allows the lecturers to empathize Melinda in a diametrical way, beyond the narrators literal words. Andersons office of the tree aids the reader in seeing Melindas suffering and recovery. Towards the beginning of the novel as Melinda is assigned a tree for her yearlong trick project, she begins to create trees that parallel her turned on(p) state. At number one she struggles to earn her tree to smell, the trees she constructs are bare, lifeless, and missin g detail. Her inability to draw life and elaborate and express the complexness of a tree, is comparable to her incompetence to live and share details to others. Ever since Melindas rape, she struggles with rise up to the other plurality in her life. Several aspects of her first few art projects represent her pain and depression. After being picked on by a few girls at a pep rally, Melindas trees smooth her misery. For a solid week, ever since the pep rally, Ive been flick watercolors of trees that have been hit by lightning. I try to tonality them so they are intimately dead, but not totally. (Anderson 30). Without her share-out her feelings about how poorly she was treated, the readers understand her emotions by her artwork and the use of the tree. The fact that they have been smart but still pass on hanging on is symbolic of Melindas experience and how defeat she feels.\nTowards the middle of the novel, arborists cut onward a dead section from a tree in order to save the comfort of it. This symbolizes ...

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